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Innovative and Connected AV Solutions

Our teams provide innovative, connected audiovisual solutions along with a unique hybrid offering for the market that includes a range of complementary presence and/or remote solutions to create ever-stronger experiences.


Audiovisual innovation for your event


GL events constantly monitors technological developments and in conjunction with its research and development department includes the latest AV and IT solutions in its various business lines. We provide innovative and original offers that will serve as real assets in making you stand out.

Our team dedicated to sourcing the latest innovations and their applications in the event business offers the following: interactive content, software solution development, touch solutions, 360 degree video, augmented reality, robots and holograms.

Thanks to our innovative offers, your visitors and potential and current customers will enjoy an exceptional experience. These audiovisual solutions will allow you to communicate in a completely new way and create a specific atmosphere.


Connected AV solutions for your hybrid events


GL events provides you with specific audiovisual solutions for hybrid events, i.e. for an event that is both in-person and virtual. Whether it's creating a TV studio, capturing and streaming your event, a connected duplex where two (or more) sites are equipped with hardware for capturing and streaming content filmed on-line, or creating interactive platforms.

All our offers complement each other to meet your needs as effectively as possible and adapt to all your projects. You can count on our expertise to ensure that your in-person and remote events take place in complete safety.

Whether it's your first connected event or you're used to working with your own broadcast software, we know that the success of your event is paramount.

With our connected AV solutions you can share a press conference, event, meeting, convention or general meeting with employees, customers or communities to boost your business and identity.

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