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Accessories and Guides

The layout of your stand or any other event venue naturally includes accessories used to store and stow things as well as communication supports for guiding your visitors.


The shelf, an indispensable element of equipment for storage


We offer a large number of accessories with, first and foremost, the essential element: the shelf. It is principally to be found in the storeroom. Therefore, we provide a special type of shelf for this space designed using material that is both tough and lightweight: melamine. Easy to maintain, it can bear considerable weight. We can also provide you with a classic type of shelf that perfectly suits your exhibition space. It will decorate your walls as well as providing a storage surface. Less bulky than a storage room, it saves space. If you have a large number of items to store, use our shelf unit containing four shelves. It also offers the possibility of juxtaposing several units, always -with a view to optimizing space.


Our clothes hanging offers


Locker room units are also available for hire. You can use them for hanging coats or any other clothing on their two hanging units and also for storing suitcases or boxes on the shelf above the coat hangers. Our famous coat-hook also allows you to hang clothes or bags directly on a wall bracket. Lastly, wardrobe rails will give you more freedom because they can be placed just as you like between two partitions.


A lightbox to attract visitors


We offer different communication supports on hire that are designed to help guide visitors to your event. For example, the light-box offers a high level of visibility with its neon or LED backlighting system. It can be used to mark off two distinct areas or to attract visitors to your stand. The box is also available in a curved format.


Improving Visitor Guides with map holders


In a different vein, we can also provide you with different types of map-holders to help visitors find their way around. These are indispensable supports to be set up at hall entrances in exhibition parks and convention centers where there are large numbers of exhibitors. Our map holders are available in different forms: on a free-standing frame (to be installed horizontally or vertically), with a list of exhibitors, either straight or inclined. Press display stands, which will also be installed at hall entrances, are used for storing a large number of brochures and magazines for your visitors.


Signage to help visitors locate you


Lastly, signages play an essential role in helping your visitors find their way around and locate exhibitors. Whether it is on a stand, the floor, or a mast, the signage consists of the name of your company and its location at the show. Your national flag can also be added. For giving your stand more visibility at a trade show, opt for a personalized banner that will be installed around the top of your exhibition stand.

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