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Floor and Ceiling

Welcoming your visitors under the best possible conditions requires fitting out the flooring and ceiling of your event venue. An accessible, attractive floor surface and an aesthetically pleasing ceiling are essential elements for making your venue really stand out.


A solution for any defects in the flooring at your venue


If the floor of your venue has any defects, we propose surfacing composed of particle board used to compensate for any floor irregularities before receiving the covering of your choice. This element also acts as thermal insulation


A modular platform


A catwalk may be required when organizing a conference, a trade show, or a fashion show. GL events possesses a modular platform with height-adjustable wooden and aluminum panels. With this solution, guests at your show will have a clear view of all the different participants.


Power cables under technical floors


Your event probably requires a technical floor under which it can run water pipes, electricity, or compressed air supply cables. We can meet this type of special requirement, which will also enable you to enhance your event venue by raising its floor surface higher.


Access ramps for disabled persons


The standards for receiving handicapped or disabled persons require for your reception areas to be accessible to all. In this context, we can accompany you by offering you access ramps for disabled persons either in wood or metal.


Carpeting, parquet, and linoleum for your event


Floor covering will play an important role in visitors’ comfort at your event. It is sure that professional or general public trade shows often rhyme with the miles of steps taken by the participants every day. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a model of flooring consistent with the atmosphere you would like for your event. We have 3 families of carpets providing you with acoustic comfort: classic, more used for high-traffic areas; premium, for high-range venues; and slabs, for environmentally friendly, use since they are reusable. Each family is available in several colors to give you a choice in designing a made-to-measure layout. For smaller spaces, a parquet flooring will provide warmth and friendliness no matter whether it is natural, bleached, or dark. Lastly, GL events offers linoleum and a PVC floor covering available in rolls, strips, or tiles, which can be used both in and outdoors.


Covering the ceiling with a roof lining


To give the finishing touches to your event venue, you can also cover the ceiling with a roof lining. This stretched canvas sheet available in more than 30 colors brings a touch of elegance to your temporary structure, an exhibition center, or any other area rented for the occasion.

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