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Floor Signage

Usable indoors as well as outdoors, personalized floor signage is an original and captivating communication medium that will reach a maximum number of visitors. On carpet, parquet or asphalt, whatever your floor covering, we have the solution for adequate signage.


Floor signage, a complement for optimal personalization


As a complement to your wall or suspended signage, floor signage strengthens your communication and fully scenarios your event spaces. With a striking visual effect, floor signage is ideal for conveying a promotional message, delimiting a space or orienting your visitors. Floor signage can also be used in exhibition parks on aisle carpets or reception mats as a support for floor plans or directional arrows.


A floor signage solution adapted to all event spaces


Floor signage can also be used as a stand-alone solution and can replace other types of signage when the space configuration does not allow for wall or suspended signage. In addition to orienting your visitors, this type of signage can also be used to create a unique decor and atmosphere in your event area. It can also be used to decorate a staircase.


A wide choice of floor signage to serve your communication needs


GL events offers a wide range of floor signage products to enhance your communication. Make your mark with personalized linoleum, personalized carpeting, PVC inlaid in the carpet or floor adhesive. We provide you with innovative, resistant and non-slip materials. In addition, our floor signage products are easy to install and remove.

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