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Self-standing Signage

Carry your messages and boost your communication thanks to self-standing signage adapted and impactful on your stand or any other event. Easy to transport and install, it will find its place in an event space, indoors or outdoors.


Enhance your visual communication with self-standing signage.


GL events offers a complete range of self-standing signage products. Enhance your visual communication with cardboard totems and arches, aluminum frame totems or melamine totems, roll-up totems, roll-up photocalls, custom-made photocalls, canvas photocalls stretched over a frame, XXL volume lettering, beach flags, flags, and much more.


Animate your event spaces with functional and trendy supports.


Our self-standing signage solutions will animate your spaces and reinforce your indoor and outdoor communication. This type of signage is very effective in boosting your visibility and powering your messages by means of functional, decorative and trendy supports, whether it be a trade show, fair, stand, press conference, product launch event, commercial animation or reception hall.


A wide choice of self-standing signage


Among our wide range of self-standing signage, you will find the ever-popular cardboard totem pole, available as a single-singed, three-sided and four-sided version. This support allows 360° communication on a stand, trade show, event, store or office, and will be perfect for PoS Advertising.

The 100% eco-responsible and customizable cardboard arch ensures maximum visibility for your brand while drawing in visitors. The total grabs their attention and is a natural choice for high-traffic areas such as exhibition parks where trade and consumer shows and fairs are held, and other major event sites where exhibitions and corporate events take place.

For a communication support that comes across both as official and elegant, the flag is the solution. On a flagpole or on a mast, the flag imparts a sense of moment to your event. The flag is essential in representing countries in institutional events such as international summits.

The beach flag is a practical signage. Easy to install and move despite its great height, it really does enhance the visibility of your brand. As such, it lends itself naturally to outdoor spaces, where the wind can create a dynamic effect.

Create your backgrounds with a custom image wall using photocall signage. It can be used in a press conference, for a photo shoot, on a stand, or at a corporate event. In roll-up or custom-made, its large surface area allows you to display several elements such as a logo, a slogan, visuals or a message and gives free rein to your imagination.

Last but not least, XXL volume lettering, currently trendy, quite literally gives volume to your message. With its three-dimensional letters, it occupies the space on your stand, trade fair, showroom, reception or any other event in a playful way, and you can expect visitors to want to have their photo taken next to your message.

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