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Signage Covering

Customized signage covering completely transforms your indoor and outdoor event spaces, as well as your walls, partitions and windows into a decorative and informative support. Our signage solutions help you to design your spaces to make a lasting impression.


Customized signage to dress up your event space


Signage is an essential component of the layout of your event space. Whether indoors or outdoors, dressing up your various supports is essential to create an atmosphere, communicate your brand and make sure visitors retain an indelible memory of your event.


Dress your supports with an adapted signage


We offer a wide choice of signage adapted to the covering of your various supports. The layout of an event space includes a multitude of supports that can accommodate personalized signage such as walls, windows, furniture or on a temporary structure, a stand and a barrier. Give free rein to your imagination by multiplying the signage covering of your supports.


Signage covering on walls, windows and furniture


Whether on your stand at a trade show or at an event, you will most certainly have walls, partitions and interior or exterior doors at your disposal. Dress them with rigid, flexible or adhesive signage to inform, orient or simply decorate them in the colors of your event. Take advantage of the large surfaces offered by the facades of your building or your scaffolding to dress them and thus obtain optimal visibility. For a rendering that lets light pass through, signage on glass meets this specific need. For a short, long or permanent duration, we can dress your glass with adhesive type signage such as window dressing that will cover this support completely or partially. Finally, to go further in the personalization of your event, the event furniture can also be fitted with signage. Thus, standard furniture will become unique in the eyes of your visitors.


Take advantage of temporary structures and grandstands to have impactful signage


The scaffolding of the grandstands is the perfect opportunity to create monumental signage and thus allow for large format communication that reaches the greatest number of people. The back of your grandstand will give you the opportunity to reinforce the identity of your event and convey impactful messages.

As for temporary structures, they offer several support opportunities such as the substructure that can accommodate a skirt personalized with your logo or a specific message. For maximum visibility, the personalized tarpaulin (tear and UV resistant) will be the ideal element on the exterior surface of your structure. Combining simplicity and efficiency, the personalized siding and door adhesive is the decorative element that changes the appearance of your structure. In full coverage or cut to shape, choose your customized dressing. To reinforce the identity of your event and create a friendly atmosphere, you might like to consider a customized gable to the roof cladding of your structure. The garden reception arch provides a premium, custom-made finish to the entrance of your structure. Your guests will be attentive to these eye-catching details.


Signage on barriers, an economical and effective way of covering a building.


For a complete personalization of your event, consider dressing up barriers. Often positioned outside and used to organize the flow of visitors, barriers offer an ideal support for an economical and impactful communication. This signage comes in several forms: as a panel for a rigid, economical and efficient solution, as a banner for an aesthetic and impactful rendering or as a full covering for a total metamorphosis of your barriers and a premium positioning. Construction site signs also offer an interesting surface to communicate the nature of the project and protect the areas from the prying eyes of passers-by.

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