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Suspended Signage

Give height and breadth to all your messages with suspended signage on a trade show, booth or any other event space. It allows you to increase your visibility, to draw attention, to direct visitors but also to create a decor in your space.


Unparalleled visibility with suspended signage


For optimal visibility on a trade show, a stand, a fair or any other event space, opt for suspended signage. It allows you to identify the spaces of your event and to indicate the different services and accesses while creating an airy, elegant and neat decor. Whether your visitors are near or far from the suspended signs, they will “get the message" thanks to its high visibility.


A wide range of suspended signage


We can provide you with a complete range of suspended signage products to optimize your visibility and give range to your brand or message. Simple and inexpensive, the rigid suspended sign will fulfill its primary function: communicate over an extended distance. This signage is available in different formats: single-sided or double-sided printing for even more visibility. In addition, you have the choice between a clean cut or a cut to shape for more personalization.

For a need for directional signage on your living room, choose the flexible banner. Suitable for indoor use, it can be used to clearly identify the different spaces. The flexible banner is also available with single-sided or double-sided printing.

Veiling brings elegance, refinement and creates a warm atmosphere. 100% customizable, it integrates subtly into the decor. It can also be used as a partition and thus create separate spaces.


Suspended signs with original geometric shapes


The suspended hoop provides 360° degree visibility. It is the best signage for maximum visibility at a trade show. Visible from afar, this circular sign draws the eye of visitors. Fully customizable with the visual of your choice, the suspended hoop boosts communication while decorating your space.

This suspended signage also exists in cube or triangle version to bring a touch of originality to your space.


Customize your suspended signage


Among our different models, choose the level of finish you need: classic or premium, single-sided or double-sided display. You have all the cards in hand to adapt your suspended signage to your needs.

GL events also offers suspended signage that is 100% customizable, both in terms of form and printing. These top-of-the-range made-to-measure signs will surprise your visitors and the impact will be even greater. Our experts and dedicated design offices can work with you to bring your project to life.

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