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Sports Infrastructures and Special Projects

Capitalizing on over 40 years of expertise in events, GL events has created an upgradable sports infrastructure concept that preserves all the benefits and functionalities of traditional constructions. Our "modurable" principle of construction is a subtle blend of modularity and durability.


Speed, flexibility, modularity and economic performance with our sports infrastructures


Stadiums, arenas or villages; either complete construction or renovation... GL events can handle all or part of your sports venue.

For example, our ultra-rapid principle of construction enables us to deliver a complete stadium in less than six months. Ideal for making constructions during off-seasons. Our sports infrastructure solution, adapted to the requirements of communities and clubs, is capable of evolving in terms of sports and economic performance. In the event of a promotion or relegation in a league, GL events can adapt sports arenas by reducing or increasing the size of the stands; by redesigning the layout and surface area of "village" areas: brasserie, restaurant, boutiques, training center, offices, VIP areas, and boxes.

For this reason, our concept offers a high level of flexibility and it also allows budgets to be optimized thanks to very economical solutions compared to traditional "concrete" constructions, which are often expensive.

The robustness and quality of our structures guarantee really long-lasting operation.


Projects for building customized venues


In the same vein, GL events also handles various other special projects with strong engineering capacities: temporary exhibition parks, universities, cinemas, and tailor-made projects. The “Grand Palais Ephémère” is a fine showcase of this know-how for constructing and operating temporary buildings. Designed by the architect Jean Michel Wilmotte and built by GL events, this temporary 10,000 m² building has been installed on the Champ-de-Mars for a period of 4 years.


Our sports infrastructure solution, an alternative to traditional constructions


By its very characteristics, our product is an alternative to traditional constructions. It enables impacts on the environment to be reduced to a minimum (re-use) and optimizes budgets that comply with regulatory constraints on safety and building.

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