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Structures and Grandstands

Endowed with a strong engineering capacity, GL events is an expert in building event structures and grandstands, sports infrastructures and all types of "special" projects. In addition to a diversified range of products, GL events offers you turnkey technical solutions. Our experts work by your side on building your venue for a meeting and sharing together and living emotions.


A wide range of event structures and grandstands available for hire


Our wide range of event structures and grandstands can be adapted to your venue, no matter whether the land is uneven or not, for creating spaces that are user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable; and providing the best possible view of the event that meets all your requirements. Depending on specifications, we can also accessorize and personalize your venues to make them even more welcoming: solid or glass cladding, access ramps, podiums, cladding on facades/backs of grandstands, customized gables, adhesive bonding for cladding and doors, etc.


Modular sports infrastructures


Alongside the needs of the events market, GL events has capitalized on its historic know-how for developing expertise in building innovative, modular and upgradeable sports infrastructures; and special large-scale projects such as the Grand Palais Ephémère, a temporary building of more than 10,000 m² installed for 4 years on the prestigious Champ-de-Mars between the Eiffel Tower and the Ecole Militaire.

GL events also offers solutions for storage, maintenance, and production structures.


GL events, your partner and consultant for an event project


GL events is your partner and consultant in all these fields of expertise, from defining your requirements through to your project’s operational implementation: studies and consultancy (briefing, feasibility studies, business models, administrative procedures), engineering and design (site and access studies, engineering and certification), installation/construction of all trades (earthworks, roads, and services, structural work, structures, stands, high voltage/low voltage networks, HVAC, elevators, carpentry, plumbing, sanitary facilities, etc.) and fitting out spaces.

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