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Organizing a trade show or any other event often involves designing clearly defined zones. In this context, partitioning plays a major role by offering both exhibitors and visitors, zones that differ in their function and their nature.


Modular partitions for creating separations


GL events offers a wide range of modular partitions that can be used to transform a single space into different rooms such as a VIP lounge, a meeting or conference room, a workspace, a storeroom, and a reception or waiting area. Our partitions differ depending on the material of the support (aluminum, wood), their filling (melamine, textile, glass, personalized signage), the color (thirty colors for brushed cotton and seven colors for melamine), and the height (from 1,000 to 3,000 mm). Whether you opt for a glass partition allowing light to pass through and also allowing the eye to see, an aluminum structured partition with a 100% customizable signage infill, or a solid-color textile covered partition, we offer you the choice between different solutions for designing the event venue to your taste and in keeping with its nature.


The storage room, a genuine storage area


An essential element for making your show or any other event run smoothly, the storage room. It enables you to store everything that should not be seen by your customers and visitors, such as your clothes, your various domestic appliances, your food preparations, your water fountain, or your maintenance equipment. The storage room can be positioned at different points of your stand depending on the structure of your venue and your needs. It can be free-standing, in a corner, or on the back partition. Depending on the finish you require, we can offer you two types of structures. An aluminum structure with a melamine filling or customized signage, or a partitioning fitted with either textile or signage which is also customizable. Lockable, you will have the peace of mind to be sure that your belongings and equipment are stored away securely.


Installing doors for your event


A door is an indispensable element to pass from one area to another. We can offer you single or double doors and leave you free to adapt the size of the openings to the number of visitors you are expecting. Moreover, we give you the possibility to choose the finish on the doors between a plain colored textile, paintwork, personalized signage, or melamine filling. For even more elegance and to create a particular atmosphere, textile curtains can also be used for opening and closing your spaces.


Optimizing the visibility of your stand with an arch


Composed of a wooden frame or an aluminum profile, a single or double arch is the perfect solution for maximizing visibility on a stand. It can also be used as a guide to visitors at a trade show or any other event.

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