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Hybrid Event Solutions

Whether your event is 100% digital or hybrid (both physical and virtual) requiring a webcast and secure live streaming, our teams provide you with their creative, technical and organizational know-how so you can continue to communicate, congregate and interact with your audience in person and remotely.


Turnkey or tailor-made connected TV studios to capture your online audience's attention


The connected TV studio lets you capture the attention of your audience with compelling scenography. We offer you a turnkey solution with our network of connected TV studios for your use in our main event sites in France. In addition to a TV set composed of audiovisual equipment (light, sound and video) and furniture, a video control room is included in the service to record and webcast your content in live or delayed streaming to your online audience.

We can also create a custom-made connected TV studio that will be installed in the location of your choice (your head office, your production site, your auditorium or any other suitable location of your choice).


Broadcast your digital or hybrid event in live or delayed streaming to reach an unlimited number of viewers


Thanks to our teams' creative and technical know-how and our state-of-the-art recording equipment, we know how to increase the reach and power of your event with your online audience.

Whatever the nature of your event (webinar, web conference, product launch, round table, large-scale training, etc.), GL events, a streaming service provider, takes particular care to bring your event to life with compelling staging. The content is broadcast in live or delayed streaming on your website, your social networks or a private and secure platform. Interactions with your audience and remote speaker interventions are possible.


Congregate and connect your audience around a duplex or a multiplex


As a webcast service provider, GL events offers the ability to connect two or more sites together and thus enable interaction between your event's participants. The sites are interconnected and the participants can share content.

Our technical expertise enables us to create interactive and participative multi-site events where everything is done to ensure that they run smoothly. We prepare and supervise your speakers' turns voicing their opinions. Your event in duplex or multiplex format is broadcast live with compelling staging to encourage audience engagement.

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2 Elements

  • TV studio/Streaming solutions

    TV studio/Streaming solutions

    In order to best respond to the new challenges of the event industry and its new 100% digital or hybrid event formats (webinar, web conference, etc.), we offer to create for you a mobile, ephemeral and tailor-made TV studio in the venue of your choice. Our turnkey service includes video recording and broadcasting your event in live or delayed streaming.
    3,250 €ex VAT


  • Duplex and Multiplex solutions

    Duplex and Multiplex solutions

    The duplex and multiplex solutions make it possible to simultaneously video record and broadcast your event taking place in two or several event spaces.
    7,075 €ex VAT