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Although not easily visible, power supply, heating, ventilation and air conditioning ensure comfort and peace of mind at your event. We provide tailored solutions for all types of services depending on the season, volume and type of event space.


Stay in control of power to make your event a success


The success of your event is very much intertwined with the comfort your guests and attendees feel. This means staying in control of power, i.e. controlling temperature, ensuring that the site is well ventilated and that there is a continuous power supply.

Not feeling too hot or too cold, not breathing the same stagnant air and not having to deal with power-outs are all vital for making your visitors stay at the event as long as possible before leaving with a good recollection of it.


Air treatment and power distribution: two vital factors for your event


Air treatment and power distribution are two essential components of what is referred to as “power”.

Air treatment covers heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), the purpose of which is to ensure the temperature comfort of your visitors while complying with current health and safety regulations.

As for electricity generation and distribution, this is all about creating and delivering power to the area where your event is being held.


Customized offers for renting power equipment


Our 30 years of experience in renting equipment to provide power in event spaces and our dedicated design office mean that we can find solutions tailored to each event type regardless of size or configuration.

Whether your event takes place in an enclosed indoor space or out in the open (i.e. outdoors), our teams can face every challenge with customized solutions meeting your specific needs.

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