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Floor protection

Events are created every day in unusual and symbolic locations, those special spaces require to be lay out in order to received your event. GL events, a leading group in the realization of your events for over 40 years, offers you a solution to protect your delicate ground and floor surfaces. Our ground protection trackway is used to spread the weight and load of machinery and vehicles (during assembly and disassembly) and/or pedestrians (during events). Whether it is to preserve natural or synthetic lawns, tartan tracks, tennis courts, or any other fragile surface, our ground protection trackway is a solution that ensures the temporary protection of the grounds hosting your event. Our solution also adapts to the size, location (indoor or outdoor) and type of your event.

The advantages of the solution :

  •  GL events' expertise: Feasibility studies, calculation notes, road access, etc., a team of experts is at your side to build the space for your event.
  •  A fast and flexible solution: a functional and easy-to-install solution that adapts to your needs with rapid assembly and disassembly.
  •  A stock to match your events: 10,600 m² of floor protection available to meet your greatest needs.
  •  A geographical network of proximity: a logistic support allowing to deliver on the whole French territory.
  •  A turnkey solution: management of your project from A to Z by a single contact person with a range of additional facilities available.
  •  A guarantee of quality: ISO 20121 certification for Hall Expo, the GL events group's subsidiary responsible for structures and stands for events.

A solution adapted to your needs:

Diversify your activities and increase your revenues within your sports complexes by organizing non-sports events within your stadium without compromising the quality of your playing surface and in rapid alternation with your matches. Strengthen your territorial attractiveness by developing a diversified event offer within your sports infrastructures and public spaces while protecting your grounds (lawns and/or delicate surfaces such as tartan). Protect the existing environment against heavy loads during the assembly and disassembly of all your events but also during the reception of the public.

Open up your scope of possibilities and quickly transform your sports venue or public space into an event venue with our ground protection !

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1 Elements

  • Ground protection panels

    Ground protection panels

    Open up for new possibilities and quickly transform your sports arena or public spaces into an event venue with our ground protection panels.
    Price upon request / sq m