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Your sanitary facilities for receiving the public

Today, receiving the public requires installing specific sanitary facilities designed for the safety of all.
sanitary facilities for events
different specific coronavirus event solutions

All the health solutions are in the GL Store

You will find all the different specific coronavirus event solutions available in the GL Store: Plexiglas partitions, dedicated signage, temporary structures for receiving the public, furniture distributing hydroalcoholic gel, etc. You will be able to respect the health protocol thanks to our COVID offer.

At outside events or in your company, welcome your public in total peace of mind

The coronavirus has radically changed the way we and our staff receive the public. Installing sanitary facilities at an event is of course essential, but protection regulations at work must also be applied. For this reason, we also propose an offer for receiving visitors inside your company, including suitably adapted reception desks, modular partitions, hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, etc. Informing your users, enabling them to respect social distancing, and providing them with the equipment they need for their protection are all responsibilities we can assume on your behalf.

Also remember hybrid or remote solutions!

COVID 19 makes us rethink our events! Why not consider holding your event at a distance? Our sanitary offer for events gives us the possibility of providing you with all the audiovisual equipment you need to broadcast your event remotely. Do you still want to receive visitors? Think about organizing an event in duplex or even multiplex: the public is brought together in various places in order not to cross regulatory limits in numbers, but people are connected together thanks to the technique that we propose to you!

Streaming, content capture, online broadcasting... many event health solutions are possible to keep your event within the limits required for the safety of your participants. You may even consider a hybrid solution: one part of your guests face-to-face, and the other comfortably installed in their homes. We give you the possibility of continuing to live pleasant and profitable meetings thanks to our health solutions!

health protocol for events

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